Visiting Services

We are a Global Online Travel Consulting Firm. In partnership with our Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant (Bola King) we focus on facilitating permanent relocation, study, business and tourism opportunities to Canada, Cyprus, and many other countries.

Visiting Services

Visa Application
Looking to visit Canada to see your loved ones, or as a tourist or for a business trip. Let us help you submit a strong application.

  • Family Visit: This is for persons who are looking to visit immediate family members. It is advised that you have STRONG family ties. Your family members must have stable employment and be Permanent Residents or Citizens.
  • Tourist Visit: This is for people who are looking to visit Canada for all the wonderful sights and sound Canada has to offer.
  • Business or Professional Visit: This is for individuals or a group of people who have a conference or a training to attend. For the Training or Conference to be eligible, you have to prove that it is directly related to the advancement and improvement of the skills and expertise required for your business or employment. We can always look for Conferences or Training for you if you have none. A small fee would be charged for this

Parent/ Grandparent Super visa
Want your parents or grandparents to visit to meet their grandkids or just to spend some quality time? Not to worry, we got you covered. 

Tour Packages
Shirah partners with vetted travel agents to bring you the best travel packages and deals. If you would like to book a tour package please click here to be redirected to our partner agency.

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