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We assist individuals who applied for Study Visa and were refused, or people who are awaiting updates on their application due to delays, our team is proficient in ordering the notes, decoding the technical language and recommending you the best solution to deal with the particular situation. We know how important it is for you to get a Canada visa. Therefore, we as experts would like to help you determine the reason for the delay or rejection of the visa process.

This process takes 4 – 5 weeks to get done

Here are some of the Reasons

  1. The visa application is refused

If your Canadian visa is refused then we can help you determine the exact reasons for the refusal. These notes will contain details on the location of your application submission, assessment details, and visa officer’s remarks about your application. The notes also contain details on incomplete documents and additional details required to process the visa application. The notes will help you understand queries and doubts of the concerned visa officer regarding your application which made them reject your visa. These notes will prove to be beneficial while visa re-application.

  1. Delay in the application process.

If your visa application is taking longer than usual, then we can get help you know the factor influencing the delay in the visa process.  The notes will guide you with the status of the visa giving you a rough idea of how long it might take to be processed. Refusals or delays in the visa application are mostly due to imprecise application forms or inappropriate documentation.

  1. Medical Test

A medical examination is mandatory in most of the visa categories. Sometimes your visa application process is paused due to medical concerns. The applicant keeps waiting as they have no idea what’s going on with their visa application because the medical reports are sent directly to the CIC or Canadian High Commission.

  1. CIC requests for additional documents

Canadian High Commission requests for additional documents or proof to prove the authenticity of your submitted documents. They request for authenticity or additional documents when they have a doubt about the intentions of the applicant. Ordering the notes will help you understand the concise reason why they requested additional documents.

  1. CIC requests for an interview

CIC or Canadian High Commission request the applicant to appear for an interview when they aren’t satisfied or have a doubt about the intentions of the applicant. The request is sent to the applicant to justify themselves and prove their honesty. The notes will give you minutiae on various reasons of the visa officer for requesting an interview and hence prepare you well for your interview.

  1. Check the status of your visa

Once the application is submitted, people are eagerly waiting for a reply. Applicants are curious to know how long will it take and where has it reached in the process.  CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS notes will be able to answer your questions. It will give an opportunity to know the status of your visa. You will be able to know the exact position of your application and where will it be forwarded for further examination with the help of these notes. You can also request a copy of documents submitted at the time of application to keep a record for yourself.

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