Training and Certifications

Why The Training?

Human Resources is one of the biggest hold back for lots of small companies and startups, and hiring internationally for much bigger companies with skill sets to fill is not available in Canada.


hiring 101 certification program

The participants of this training will learn how to hire both locally and internationally with regards to the labor laws with regards to wages, the Immigration rules, requirements and processes to hire internationally. This training will help Human Resources Manager fill the labor gap in their organizations and thereby allow businesses to continue to run smoothly.

Conducting Labour Market Impact Assessments and Hiring International Employees Certification Program

Participants of this training will learn how to hire foreigners whether they are currently visitors or temporary residents within Canada or foreigners living outside Canada This course will help hiring managers understand the process of hiring at different skill levels, advertising for that role and implementing the right wage to charge that meets with the regulation. This will include the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) job pathway as well as Provincial pathways of hiring through Ontario, Alberta and Bristish Columbia job pathway that do not require the LMIA process


Bukky Wonda

Bukky Wonda

Principal Consultant at Shirah

Bukky Abaniwonda is the founder & CEO of Shirah Migration, a licensed immigration consultant, an immigration columnist, DMZ nominee, business leader, filmmaker, and business mentor. She is the visionary behind Shirah. She cares about helping immigrants thrive and live a good life in Canada. Her experience as an international student turned immigrant business professional propelled her to help thousands achieve the Canadian dream. She founded Shirah in 2018 with the purpose of helping immigrants globally make a smooth transition to Canada. Till this date, she has now assisted over 1000 people at different stages of their relocation and settlement process in Canada.

She is a strong advocate for immigrants and speaks out concerning various immigration issues across media platforms. To this cause, she has made appearances on National Canadian Television, CTV and writes a column on Immigrant Muse. In 2022, she was among the nominees for DMZ Women of The Year Awards for her innovative and impactful contribution in the Canadian tech space which has helped change and touched the lives of many for good.

Tarig Abdellatief

Tarig Abdellatief

CEO of Arctech Accelerate / Proposal & Funding Specialist

As the CEO of Arctech Accelerate, Tarig’s main duties revolve around creating business plans, overseeing day-to-day activities, improving performance, developing organizational culture, supervising projects and management, as well as directing organizational strategy.

Tarig is a strategist of all trades, including grant writing, strategic partnerships, and contract acquisitions, to name a few. He partners with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands. After nearly a decade of experience working in business development and marketing for multimillion dollar companies, Tarig knows what truly drives conversations, clear visions, and full scope action plans —and it’s not a matter of simply following trends, it’s about the human angle, and how well you can connect with the audience you’re trying to communicate with. Coming from a Business Management background at McMaster University and having continued his studies at Carleton University—where he developed a deep interest in Lasers and Photonics—Tarig is well-versed in both the technical and creative ends of commerce. Tarig has landed contracts, grants, and an impressive range of other opportunities for clients both in the private, and public sectors across Canada.