PR Application Review


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  • Nigerian naira (₦) - NGN


Get an experienced eye to look through your application before you submit that PR application. This service is for individuals who have prepared their documents and need our expert Consultant to review those documents and suggest necessary adjustments before they submit. This review usually takes about 5 hours and it also comes with 1 review call of 45 minutes at the end to discuss the comments/questions. Documents that can be reviewed are as follows:

  • Resume (if applicable)
  • Reference Letters
  • Submission Letter or Explanation Letter (if applicable)
  • Proof of funds documentation review
  • All other supporting documents


NB: Consists of proofreading, review and providing suggestions and input for improvement and pointing out areas where the application is weak. The client’s quality of work must be good, if more hours are needed because the quality of work isn’t strong enough after first review, the client would be informed of the additional cost before proceeding.