Immigration Application Review

We are a Global Online Travel Consulting Firm. In partnership with our Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant (Bola King) we focus on facilitating permanent relocation, study, business and tourism opportunities to Canada, Cyprus, and many other countries.
Our real-life experiences as Canadian and Permanent Resident have given us keen insight, knowledge and understanding of the needs of our clients. Therefore we are uniquely positioned to deliver the most appropriate, accurate and client-focused services.Our current clientele includes satisfied individuals and families from around the world including USA, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

Immigration Application Review Service

Hurray, yes we heard your concerns for a service that seeks to review the application of our client committed to the do-it-yourself process.
We commend your initiative and proactiveness in taking on the task of applying as we know how much effort and time it takes.
In order to make your application process that much easier Shirah is able to review your completed application package and advise, correct and initiate changes we believe are necessary to facilitate a successful application, before you submit that application

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