Speaking is a vital skill for communication. It is one of the four skills required for one to communicate effectively. It is also known to be one of the most effective skills for communication because it allows the speaker to express himself to the listener. 

Though writing has been a common means of communication, it does not convey the tone, passion, and emotion of the speaker as well as speaking does. 

Fluency in a non-native language can be tough. That is why it is not just enough to read and write in a particular language. You must be able to communicate verbally through practice to become fluent. 

Here are three ways you can practice and develop your speaking skills: 

  1. Find a speaking partner:

It is difficult to develop your speaking skills if you do not have someone you can converse with in a certain language.

As you practice for your IELTS examination, it is advised that you find a partner who speaks English. This will help you converse in English more often and in return, develop your speaking skill. 

  1. Copy:

You have probably come in contact with people who sound like those from certain countries but have never been to those countries. That is the power of copying which is a powerful way to develop your speaking skills. 

However, copying will require your listening skills because you will have to listen carefully to be able to replicate. 

  1. Record yourself:

In the absence of a speaking partner, you can record yourself speaking and listen to it. You can do this over time to develop your fluency, grammar, pronunciation, and grammar. 

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