Certification Rewarded: Shirah Consults Hiring 101 Certification


The participants of this training will learn how to hire both locally and internationally with regards to the labor laws with regards to wages, the Immigration rules, requirements and processes to hire internationally. This training will help Human Resources Manager fill the labor gap in their organizations and thereby allow businesses to continue to run smoothly.
This is HR training for new HR managers or smaller companies with no HR and needs to set up policies
  • It is now reported that there are 1 million vacancies that needs to be filled of which candidates have not been found locally in Canada


Participants include; HR Managers, employers or persons saddled with business hiring and operations in small to medium companies. The participants will learn  the different ways to hire, how to compensate your employees through Government funding, and finally labour laws to protect you and your hires. The facilitators are employment lawyer, Grant specialists, Business owners who have proven track record in creating and supporting companies through thai phase.


Unit 1 – “Fundamentals of hiring in Canada”

  • “How to hire contract worker”
  • How to hire full or part time workers?
  • Creating job ads
  • HR framework for new employees
  • How to write a contract agreement that meets labor laws based on Canada and Provincial Labor laws
  • Determine the skill set you need in your company and curate a job description that suits them
  • Identify the right job title to match your description
  • Determine the appropriate wage (minimum and and median) to get the right talent
  • How to advertise to attract the right and skilled talent

Participants will learn about the different grants to support their company with hiring or training new and established employees. In here, you will learn how to negotiate compensation utilizing non-traditional structures, especially for growing organizations in need of skill sets where market rate may not be feasible at the time.


Unit 2 – Funding Your New Hire

  • Types of government grants for your new hire
  • Types of government grants for training new hires
  • Negotiating contract or part time roles to hire and retain great talents
  • Conduct an example funding search
  • Narrow down your options from 100 grants to the top 10
  • Best practices for grant writing


Fee Per Participant: $1,400