Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ on Immigration How to become a permanent resident of Canada?

Canadian permanent residency depends on the route which an individual qualifies. There are factors that can affect the route an individual qualifies in such as: 

  • Age 
  • Education 
  • Work experience 
  • English or French test 

Sometimes, the networth and willingness to invest in Canada plays a huge role  

  • Why is there a consultation fee?

There's one because it is a service that is being rendered which involves our Expert Consultant spending valuable time in critically reviewing and evaluating your documents to fully understand you, in order to provide you with valuable information and an explicit explanation about options available to you and what it takes to achieve a successful application.

  1. How do I find out if I qualify for immigration to Canada?

We recommend that you book a consultation and complete our assessment form to determine your eligibility for immigration to Canada.

  • If I pay a consultation fee, will I have constant access to the expert consultant?
  1. Our consultations just like any other reputable Immigration firm is ONE TIME.   

If you have further questions, you can either choose to pay for another consultation. So please, make sure before you book our consultation once you’ve  prepared all your questions. Alternatively, you can retain our services, so we can help you through your application.

  • What if my consultation is inconclusive after one hour session with the Expert Consultant?

You get a 15 minutes follow up call session with our expert consultant.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a Canadian permanent resident?

Canadian permanent residents and citizens enjoy all of the same rights and privileges. They are entitled to the following:

  • Receive almost all social benefits that Canadian citizens are entitled to, including Canadian health care.
  • To live, work and study in any Canadian province or territory.
  • Eventually apply for Canadian citizenship. 
  • Protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Where is our office located?

     We are an online company based out of Calgary, Alberta and also have a     support office in Nigeria. Hence, the reason for both a Canadian and Nigerian contact phone numbers.

  • Once I am a permanent resident of Canada, do I have to stay in Canada?

Within any five (5) year period, a permanent resident must be:

  • physically present in Canada for at least 2 years 
  • outside of Canada, accompanying a Canadian citizen, who is his or her spouse or common-law partner 
  • an accompanying spouse, common-law partner or child of a permanent resident, who is outside Canada and is employed on a full-time basis by a Canadian business.
  •  Where is the expert consultant based?

        Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is a Permanent Resident of Canada

  • Can I apply for Permanent Resident status and Temporary status at the same time?

Yes, you can apply for Permanent Resident status and Temporary status at the same time.

  • Why do we have a Nigerian number?

 This is because our expert consultant is originally from Nigeria and has established a business base there.

  • Would my Permanent Residency application be rejected because I was once rejected for a study or Visitors visa?

No it won't be, as long as the rejections were not because of fraud or misrepresentation.

  • How much is our PR, study, visit fees etc aside from the consultation fee?

      Our fees are determined after a careful evaluation of the clients profile 

and such fees are communicated during the consultation with our expert consultant.

  • How long do I need to stay in Canada before I qualify for citizenship?

3 years or 1095 days within the last 5 years

  • Am I eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit after my studies in Canada?

Yes, if you completed at least a one year diploma from a public college or a 2 year diploma from a private college, a university degree, a masters program.

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