Canada gave me a New Lease on life

Adedoyin Omotara

Canada gave me a New Lease on life     Adedoyin Omotara is the founder of the Adoniaa Beauty makeup line. An engineer by training and employed at a multi-national firm in the United Kingdom, Adedoyin left the UK for Canada in 2016 with her husband and 2 sons. Along with leaving the UK, she also left her life […]

From Grass to Grace

From low wage factory worker to taking over and owning a practice, the multiple entrepreneurial award winner, Charles Osuji shares his story on the Wonda show. After moving to Alberta (Calgary) in 2011, Charles chose to lean on mentors and organisations to help make him the success story we read about today. Captivated with his grassroots to riches story, Bukky speaks to Charles about the highs and lows of his journey and how he has made Canada the home he calls it today.  Join us on the Wonda show as we share the story of one of Calgary’s most sought out and notable lawyers. 

Canada will only be home if you make it home

An inspiration to all, Ako Ufodike is an accomplished Canadian immigrant. Ako has called Canada home for 20 years and in that time, he has risen to the top of his career and now works as a professor at Maccewan, an entrepreneur, a director and serves in the house of parliament all while proudly fathering 4 children. This episode focuses on the importance of having a plan, emerging oneself in Canadian life taking the most out of the opportunities that being in Canada have to offer.