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Canadian Permanent Residency

We are a Global Online Travel Consulting Firm. In partnership with our Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant (Bola King) we focus on facilitating permanent relocation, study, business and tourism opportunities to Canada, Cyprus, and many other countries.

Express Entry Route

Express Entry is a selection system for Canadian immigration designed to select skilled workers both from foreign nationals as well as foreign work permit holders with Canadian Education and/or experience for immigration to Canada. Express Entry is a completely electronic process involving the federal government, provincial governments, and Canadian employers.
This route typically takes 6 months or less from when your application is submitted.
You can qualify under this route as either a  Federal Skilled Worker or Canadian Experience Class
Federal Skilled Worker: 
To qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker, you must have foreign work experience of at least a year
Canadian Experience Class:
To qualify under the Canadian Experience Class, you will need to have worked in Canada at a regular job (not internship) for at least one-year full time or equivalent period in part time

Provincial Nomination Route

This program Is for workers who have the skills, education and work experience to contribute to the economy of a specific province or territory, want to live in that province and want to become permanent residents of Canada. They may be foreign nationals or current Canadian residents.
Each province and territory has its own “streams” (immigration programs that target certain groups) and requirements. 
Different provinces may target:
Family / Friend Ties
Some provinces require you to have a close relative in a province to be eligible in addition to meeting the skilled worker eligibility requirement. A close relative is defined as a sibling, parent, children, cousin, Uncle or an Aunt. 
Some provinces only require you to have a friend/distant relative.
Federal Skilled Worker
Some provinces require you to only meet the requirements based on your specific work experience as required
Province-specific In-demand jobs
Some provinces make their choices based on the ability of an Applicant to qualify under in-demand jobs they are looking to fill in that particular month, quarter or period
International Graduates

Some provinces target individuals who may have graduated from a recognized institution in their province

Self Employed Route

This is targeted towards professionals who have seasonal jobs, contractual type-jobs, semi-skilled workers who may not have been school trained but apprenticed their way to building their skills and expertise. Freelancers, influencers who have made their money through non-traditional means will also fall in this category.
This route also aims to promote professionals who will contribute to the cultural, artistic and athletic development of Canada.

Here are the list of professions that qualify, if you fall under this category, you may be eligible to migrate to Canada under the paper based route.

Family Sponsorship

You can sponsor certain relatives to Canada, if you are at least 18 years old and a Citizen/Permanent Resident.

You will also need to show proof of income support to be eligible. Here are the different types of sponsorship that can be made:

  • Spousal Sponsorship
  • Sibling Sponsorship
  • Dependent Child sponsorship
  • Adopted Child Sponsorship

Eligibility Verification Assessment (EVA)

First off, it protects YOU. It helps you make an informed decision by understanding whether you qualify, what route you qualify for, and what it will take financially, timewise and all other necessary factors to consider in order to make your immigration dreams a reality.
The EVA is only applicable to our Permanent Residency enquiries since there is a qualification process and not everyone may qualify.
Secondly, it helps US, as your Consultants to explore all options available to you, and then enables us to place you on our POTENTIAL LIST should you not be eligible now, but have the potential for upcoming immigration options yet to be fully disclosed that you may likely benefit from.
We have successfully applied this to 3 clients just in the month of April, with the Saskatchewan Program who were on our POTENTIAL LIST after completing their EVA with us and were determined ineligible at the time
The benefits of doing EVA means we put you on a Top Priority status which enables you to get exclusive first offers, important information as well as updated news from us. Trust that we want you to be eligible as much as you do. 
The fee for this is a non-refundable amount of $35 or 10,500 naira (for our Nigerian clients)

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