Canada gave me a New Lease on life

Adedoyin Omotara


Adedoyin Omotara is the founder of the Adoniaa Beauty makeup line. An engineer by training and employed at a multi-national firm in the United Kingdom, Adedoyin left the UK for Canada in 2016 with her husband and 2 sons. Along with leaving the UK, she also left her life as an engineer behind her to pursue her passion. Now in Canada and no longer an employee, Adedoyin realised that if she didn’t make moves to start her make up line at that point, she probably would never. Previously hindered by a steady income, Adedoyin realised she had no excuse to stop her from making moves in the right direction.  


Undeterred by the comments, criticism and opinions of others, Adedoyin faced her goals and immersed herself 100% in her pursuit of reaching her end goal. Encouraged and on a roll, Adedoyin plugged into and used the free resources available to new immigrants on how to start a new business. She attended Momentum’s business sessions for new immigrants and used the information gained to start her business.  


As a result of all her hard work and perseverance, Adedoyin now owns a successful makeup line and studio. Against all odds and challenges, Adedoyin overcame. She says that to succeed in Canada, you must not have a woe is me, I am an immigrant” mindset but instead, you should embrace your strengths and uniqueness and understand that if you are to able to prove yourself, no one will care what your race or background is. 


Canada has given a lot to Adedoyin and most important of all, it gave her a new lease on life.  

To find out more and watch our interview with Adedoyin, tune in to “The Wonda Show” on Youtube. Coming to the screen in August.  



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