AIREP™ Office Administration and Management

Certification Rewarded: Office Administration & Management Certification


Upon the successful completion of this program, each participant will possess the skills and knowledge to support agents and members of the public in building their businesses through the principles of real estate investing and marketing techniques, resulting in growing the brokerage. 

This unique training is unlike any training offered to real estate brokerage employees. Successful ‘graduates’ will become coveted amongst brokerages and broker/owners for their specialized knowledge. 

Having employees with this specialized knowledge also helps brokerages recruit agents. This training assists in raising the level of service to the public and the agents they support. 


Unit 1 – Industry Research 

  • Developing awareness of financial lending Institutions
  • Effectively communicate the profit centres conducive to rental real estate
  • Research and build relationships with lenders in the marketplace

Unit 2 – Time Management Skills

  • Working with key industry partners, and effectively use problem solving to ensure investors are able to successfully close a transaction.
  • Assessing client qualification capabilities  
  • Performance management

Unit 3 – Area Analysis

  • Analysis of financial and investor criteria
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Location research

Individual Work

  • Research and compile a list of real estate financiers
  • Contact and arrange interviews with multiple financial professionals 


  • Complete interviews with multiple financial professionals

Complete a full area analysis report

Review homework assignments

Unit 4 – Leadership & Team Building

  • Building a team of industry professionals to assist in business development
  • Client relations
  • Marketing & building key relationships

Unit 5 – Residential Property Analysis

  • Understanding how to calculate ROI & Cap rates 
  • Prospect marketing 
  • Communication and agent support skills

Unit 6 – Advanced Residential Property Analysis

  • Building on Unit 5
  • Prospect marketing
  • Money Management and Financial Analysis

Individual Work

  • Contact and arrange interviews with course specified industry professionals
  • Complete assigned ROI & CAP Rate example questions


  • Complete interviews with multiple industry professionals

Complete assigned residential rental property analysis

Review homework assignments

Unit 7 – Strategic Planning

  • Client portfolio analysis to determine future portfolio growth
  • Problem solving and learning to facilitate challenging deals
  • Creating affective marketing strategies

Unit 8 – Business Skills

  • Assessing investor collaboration
  • Understanding key real estate specific legal structures 
  • Business communications in the real estate market

Unit 9 – Business Improvement and Leadership

  • Investor strategic planning for portfolio growth and capital return
  • Business improvement skills by working with niche investor strategies

Individual Work

  • Complete assigned questions determining advanced ROI 
  • Complete real estate portfolio analysis and projections


  • Complete real estate investor strategy proforma 

Compile investment property presentation

Review homework assignments

Unit 10 – Money Management 

  • Business improvement skills continued
  • Analytical research in how demographics play a role in investor relations and investor success

Unit 11 – Analysis Skills

  • Improving business and determining future real estate valuation
  • Understanding the future value of money


Unit 12 – Commercial Property Analysis

  • Decision making and assessment of various investment strategies
  • Understanding multiple commercial real estate calculations
  • Relationship skills in working with commercial agents and investors. 

Individual Work

  • Complete assigned questions regarding analysis 
  • Complete assigned questions regarding commercial real estate calculations 
  • Open Q & A and Exam Preparation 

Successfully complete 50 multiple choice questions (75% correct to pass)

Closing Remarks


Fee Per Participant: $5,000